Details: Geek Week Luxembourg will be held from 1 - 7 June 2015

The aim of this wonderful technology week is to integrate organisers and participants of technology events to show to a wider public how big and active the technology or “geek” community is.

Geek Week is a not-for-profit initiative which hopes to inspire people to approach the technology world and be a part of it. The organisers of Geek Week are: Katarzyna Switalska, Joanna Gizewska, Valentina Agostini and Muhammad Waqas Butt, united by a love for technology.

Those interested in participating can sign up to host an event any day during that week and it will all be collated in one place - To add your event to Geek Week website, email:

Workshop4Me has partnered for this initiative and will be hosting 2 workshops which will be run by Leo, a 13 year-old.

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