Credit: LCGB

On Wednesday 16 June 2021, the river navigation company HGK Liquid Shipping Lux S.à rl (formerly Imperial Liquid Shipping Lux S.à rl) and the LCGB trade union signed a collective labour agreement for the company's nautical employees for the first time.

The agreement, which is valid for a three-year period from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2024, includes the following framework conditions:

  • simplified salary structure: five salary groups (until 30 June 2022) instead of the current nine, four salary groups from July 2022;
  • nautical employees will be able to choose between two salary models, which will be differentiated by a possible right to vacation and different working time models;
  • more than 5% wage bill increase;
  • introduction of salary supplements for professional experience (sailors and skippers);
  • introduction of a salary supplement for patent experience (helmsmen);
  • fixed salary adjustments in the event of an automatic extension of the collective agreement beyond 2024;
  • certain assets of the previous agreement (expiring on the entry into force of the new contract) remain guaranteed;
  • introduction of complementary health insurance.

According to the LCGB, this first collective agreement, particularly the associated salary model, is expected to allow HGK Liquid Shipping Lux to remain an attractive employer in inland waterway navigation and to recruit new employees in the future.