Credit: STATEC

According to ADEM and STATEC, unemployment remained stable in Luxembourg at the start of 2021; the number of available resident jobseekers registered with the ADEM employment agency in January 2021 remained unchanged from the previous month, at 6.4%.

As of 31 January 2021, the number of available resident jobseekers registered with the ADEM was 19,882. This figure remained at the same level as in December 2020. Over one year, the number of jobseekers increased by 3,386 people, or 20.5%.

In January 2021, 2,700 residents registered with the ADEM, a decrease of 182 people or 6.3% compared to January 2020. The rise in unemployment was mainly explained by a decline in people going into employment rather than an increase in registrations.

The number of resident job seekers receiving full unemployment benefits increased by 1,679 or 20% over one year, reaching 10,066. The number of beneficiaries of unemployment measures stood at 4,090, which is below the level observed in January 2020 (a decrease of 120 people or 2.9%).

During the month of January 2021, employers declared 2,792 vacancies to the ADEM, which corresponds to a decrease of 36.6% compared to January 2020. As a reminder, January 2020 saw a record level of declarations (4,400 jobs). Compared to November and December 2020, the number of declared vacancies increased in January 2021. As of 31 January 2021, the ADEM listed 6,582 vacancies in its database, an increase of 4.8% compared to December 2020. Over one year, however, the number of available positions fell by 17.8%. 

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, calculated by STATEC, remained stable at 6.4% (i.e. unchanged from December 2020). After a sudden increase in March and April and a decline from May onwards, the unemployment rate has been around 6.3% to 6.4% since August 2020.