(L-R): Dominique Machado; Robert Fornieri; Minister Henri Kox; Johny Gomes; Paul Glouchitski; Credit: MMTP

On Wednesday 21 December 2022, Luxembourg's Ministry of the Interior, together with the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works and the LCGB trade union, met to address the issue of safety on public transport in the Grand Duchy.

Minister Henri Kox, met with LCGB delegates Deputy General Secretary, Robert Fornieri, Union Secretary Paul Glouchitski, President of the LCGB-Transport Federation Dominique Machado, and of the the LCGB-Transport federation, Vice-President Johny Gomes. Pascal Peters, director of the administrative police was also present, as were representatives of the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, Félicie Weycker, First Councilor of Government and Annick Trmata, deputy director of the Public Transport Administration.

During the meeting, which had been convened following an urgent request from the LCGB following recurrent attacks on bus drivers, the various parties had a discussion on the security situation on public transport. After presentions addressing various grievances, the Minister decided to improve the exchange of information on the incidents between the parties concerned, in order to better target the responses that the police can give and dig into possible leads.

In addition, police patrols will be increased, in particular at the level of the most sensitive lines in order to stem attacks on drivers as much as possible. This greater police visibility aims to have both a deterrent and a preventive effect.

The Grand Ducal Police regularly carry out patrols and checks in public transport and intervene as soon as possible when offenses are reported. Preventive actions are also carried out several times a year, with the Customs and Excise Administration and the CFL. In the long term, the additional recruitment drive started in 2020 will also make it possible to increase the police presence.