The LCGB trade union, the majority trade union in the bus sector, has issued a statement concerning the proposed revision of driving and rest times for bus drivers: it stated that they are "deeply concerned" about the European Commission's plan to revise the driving and rest times of bus drivers in the transport of passengers by bus and coaches.

According to the LCGB, the European Commission could soon present a legislative proposal including, in particular:

• The extension of the “12-day derogation”, which means that drivers will not have weekly rest (periods) for 12 consecutive days for national and international journeys. It will be an extended working week by a legal and permanent circumvention of the weekly rest rules.
• Operators will be allowed to divide daily breaks into 15 minute or even shorter parts spread throughout the working day. According to the LCGB, this will result in the loss of regular daily breaks for bus and coach drivers.
• Longer amplitudes of 1 to 2 hours and less rest between 2 working days.
The LCGB have warned that the consequences would be dramatic and damaging for the entire sector. It claims this initiative of the European Commission is a step in the wrong direction and will in particular call into question the safety of drivers and passengers.

"While in Luxembourg, the LCGB is fighting for a general reduction in the amplitude, this change in regulations will contribute to making the job of driver even less attractive and will accentuate the shortage of labour already existing in the whole of the European Union. Despite attractive salaries in Luxembourg, the sector attracts fewer and fewer people, especially the young generation who prefer to practice a profession that requires much less flexibility. According to a study on fatigue in the transport sector, carried out in 2021 by the European trade union ETF Road, around a quarter to almost a third of drivers admitted to having fallen asleep at the wheel at least once in the past twelve last months. Controlling the root causes of driver fatigue is primarily the responsibility of employers and regulators."

Consequently, LCGB-Transport, as a member of the ETF (European Transport Workers' Federation), is supporting the actions of the European transport union to stop the projects of the European Commission and invites all drivers in the sector to participate in a survey on this subject.