Luxembourg shuttle bus company has announced that it is introducing its Door2Gate service to Luxembourg Airport from Monday 15 November 2021

Following its successful launch in Brussels two years ago, Door2Gate is finally coming home to Luxembourg to offer its population and those of the border regions in Germany, Belgium, and France a "new, smart, affordable, and more environmentally friendly way" to get to and from lux-Airport. Bookings can already be made on the website or app, with the service starting on 15 November.

The algorithm behind this innovative service was developed by using the transportation know-how of its parent company SLG. According to, it enables "a significant price advantage" over conventional means of transport, depending on the geographical location. Booking requests are digitally combined and optimised taking into consideration several factors such as the customer's location, real time traffic and the desired arrival time. When travellers choose a Door2Gate shuttle, they will be picked up wherever they want and the system will try to combine their booking with other passengers, whilst ensuring punctuality. As such, the solution aims to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Tobias Stüber, CEO of, commented: "The words digitalisation and environmental protection are ubiquitous today. is also making its contribution in this regard - as we all know, every great success begins with a small first step. Door2Gate is this 'small step' with which we can offer a digital product on our home market to simplify the accessibility to Luxembourg Airport. In the meantime, our customers contribute to reducing their carbon footprint. As a Luxembourgish company, it feels great to finally bring home this new service Door2Gate to our local market".