Credit: Environment Agency

As part of “Operation Demeter VII”, Luxembourg's Environment Agency and the Customs and Excise Agency carried out several waste transport controls in October 2021.

Officials carried out a total of eight checks on the A3 motorway between Dudelange (Luxembourg) and Zoufftgen (France) and in Wemperhardt  on the Belgian border; 99 lorries were inspected.

During these checks, the agents paid special attention to the necessary permits and documents provided for by European law for cross-border waste transport.

Agents issued sanctions for 74 infringements which were recorded among 58 lorries. Infringements included the absence of required documents, incomplete documents and the absence of permits.

The checks were carried out as part of the national inspection plan, established by each country on the basis of European provisions concerning waste shipments.

These checks are aimed at preventing and detecting the illegal transport of waste, ensuring the safe and efficient management of hazardous waste, for which transport must be limited, and optimising waste treatment processes. Officers are authorised to check documents, the identity of motorists and the nature of the waste being transported.