Credit: Nature Park Our

The Nature Park Our has announced a new e-bike tour route "Looss d'Kierch am Duerf!" in the Ösling region in the north of Luxembourg; a circular route of 28.5 km passing through ten village churches of the municipalities of Troisvierges and Weiswampach.

Inaugrated on Saturday 4 June 2022, as part of the “Weekend vun den oppene Kierchen”, the scenic route will pass in front of ten churches. According to Nature Park Our, churches are places of silence and where the world of religious symbols and art meet. The starting point is at Troisvierges station.

The concept of church-to-church bike tours already exists abroad, for example, in La Roche-en-Ardenne under the title "from bell tower to bell tower in the Ardennes". As cycle tourism is developing in the municipalities of Troisvierges and Weiswampach due to the Vennbahn and the connection to the RAVeL cycle path network, the current route will complement, both from a touristic and cultural point of view. The small churches of Ösling region are often the oldest and most beautiful buildings in their village, and the "Looss d'Kierch am Duerf!" combines the pleasure of culture and landscape in the Nature Park Our.

The project was developed by Nature Park Our in coordination with a working group made up of representatives from the municipalities of Troisvierges and Weiswampach, members of local and regional tourist associations and representatives of the ErwuesseBildung.