The Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO) has announced a diversified and expanded offer of guided tours planned until 21 May 2021.

During this period, thematic guided tours will be offered in four languages ​​( English, French, German and Luxembourgish), with at least one guided tour per day. On weekends, up to four thematic guided tours in several languages ​​will be available, including the City Promenade, the City Promenade for Kids, the Wenzel Circuit and the UNESCO Circuit.

LCTO guided tours are available in two packages:

- Planned guided tour: visitors should purchase an individual ticket and join a group, with ticket purchases possible until the departure time of the visit;

- Planned guided tour with a personal guide: visitors should book a group ticket (for one to ten participants), with ticket purchases possible up to three days before departure.

In addition, the LCTO is offering an extended programme on public holidays until 21 May, as follows:

 - On 1 May 2021, visitors will have the choice between four thematic guided tours (City Promenade, City Promenade for Kids, Wenzel Circuit or UNESCO Circuit);

- On 8 May, as part of the public holiday in France, and on 9 May 2021, on the occasion of Europe Day, five thematic guided tours will be organised, i.e. the City Promenade, the City Promenade for Kids, the Wenzel Circuit, the UNESCO Circuit and the Schuman Circuit, the latter bearing the name of one of the founding fathers of the European Union (EU);

- From 13 to 16 May 2021, during the Ascension weekend, visitors can choose from five thematic guided tours (City Promenade, City Promenade for Kids, Schuman Circuit, Wenzel Circuit or UNESCO Circuit).

Tickets are on sale online at and at the tourist reception desk of the Luxembourg City Tourist Office in Place Guillaume II.

Sanitary measures

The following sanitary protocol must be observed during guided tours: 

- Guided tours will be carried out only on foot and in the open air;

- The maximum number of participants in a guided tour is limited to ten visitors plus one guide;

- Wearing a mask / mouth and nose protection is compulsory throughout the visit, even if the two-metre interpersonal distance can be respected. The obligation to respect a distance of two metres does not apply to people from the same household;

- Barrier gestures must be applied;

- Participants are requested to wash their hands after the visit;

- The LCTO reception desk in Place Guillaume II is the only starting point for all guided tours.