Swimming Club le Dauphin Ettelbruck (SCDE) has announced that the 45th "Journée des Jeunes Espoirs" (JJE) event for promising young swimmers will take place in the Lycée Technique d'Ettelbruck (LTEtt) swimming pool (25m) on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October 2023.

Children born in 2011 or later will compete in all their races on Saturday, while those born in 2010 or earlier will compete on Sunday. The competition starts at 09:30 and ends around 19:00 on both days.

This year, this international swimming event is breaking several records, bringing together 23 clubs from four registered countries: France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. A total of 500 swimmers (264 girls and 236 boys) - another record-breaking number - will compete in this edition. This represents 2,067 individual race entries.

Luxembourg participants include Jacqueline Banky, Maud Allard, Leeloo Reinesch, Lou Jominet, Emma Barthel, Pit Brandenburger, Florian Frippiat and Nicolas Calmes.

On top of the mentioned and established swimmers, many younger talents will race for new personal bests and possibly age category records over the weekend.

All results will be available via the live ticker on https://www.scde.lu/.