Credit: Feel Good Contacts

New research has revealed that Luxembourg spends $6,262 per capita on healthcare - the fifth highest expenditure in the world. 

The study by Feel Good Contacts analysed data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the World Bank to discover which countries have the highest and lowest healthcare spending per person.

The countries with the largest healthcare expenditure were the United States ($10,624 expenditure per capita), Switzerland ($9,871) and Norway ($8,239), followed by Iceland ($6,531) and Luxembourg ($6,227).

Moreover, the study found that China had the highest increase in spending per capita (up 168.7% since 2010), followed by Saudi Arabia (up 111.3%).

The study also looked at waiting times across the world, with Hungary reporting the shortest waiting time for surgeries: patients had to wait an average of 23 days for surgeries such as hip replacements, cataract surgeries and prostatectomies. 


Using OECD data, Feel Good Contacts, a British contact lenses supplier, calculated the average median waiting time in days from across various surgeries in a selection of countries so as to rank them by their overall waiting time record.

The study also looked at World Bank data for healthcare expenditure per head in 50 different countries including the G20, European Union (EU), OECD, and several other major economies. Feel Good Contacts ranked the countries by their healthcare expenditure per capita, highlighting the lowest and highest spenders, while also calculating the change in each country’s per capita spending since 2010. 

The full research is available at: