Stade Josy Barthel, Luxembourg's former national stadium, will remain open to various sports clubs and schools for the foreseeable future.

In late 2021, the winner of the "Wunnquartier Stade" residential project competition was announced: the STADePARK project will serve as the basis for the redevelopment of the former national stadium site on Route d'Arlon as a new (mainly) residential urban district.

In the meantime, as a representative of the City of Luxembourg (Ville de Luxembourg - VdL) confirmed to, the facilities at Stade Josy Barthel are still in use by various clubs and schools. In addition, the City of Luxembourg holds some of its "Sports pour Tous" (sports for all) activities on site, and the artificial turf pitch is home to a few clubs.

The City of Luxembourg representative recalled that Stade Josy Barthel is a sports complex that features different facilities, including the football stadium. A second football pitch with artificial turf and track and field facilities for athletics competitions also count as part of the sports arena.

The main field still hosts the games and training sessions of women and youth rugby teams, as well as athletics competitions. It can also serve as a substitute field for football clubs located within Luxembourg City, for example if their pitch needs work or repairs.

The VdL representative confirmed that these facilities would remain available for the aforementioned purposes until the new facilities are accessible.

Note that the Stade de Luxembourg, inaugurated in September 2021 and located in Luxembourg-Gasperich, is the new national football and rugby stadium of the Grand Duchy. Several clubs are still hosted elsewhere, however, for example Rugby Club Luxembourg is based at Stade Boy Konen in Cessange.