Armenian Wine Tasting in Luxembourg; Credit:

On Friday 7 June 2024, the gardens of the office of the Embassy of Armenia, in Luxembourg-Pétrusse, was the location where around 60 people attended an Armenian Wine tasting event.

The event, organised at the initiative of the Embassy of Armenia (based in Brussels but also covering Luxembourg) and in partnership with the Armenia Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, was held on a balmy weekend which attracted members and friends of the chamber, representatives of other embassies in Luxembourg and also a number of dignitaries including Luxembourg's former Minister for Culture, Sam Tanson, and leader of the Pirate Party and sitting MP, Sven Clement.

The Ambassador of Armenia to Luxembourg, Tigran Balayan, welcomed everyone and spoke briefly about the long history of winemaking in Armenia.

The President of the Armenia Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Albert Barseghyan, spoke about enjoying "vivid colours, vibrant flavour profiles and strong tannins of Armenia" as well as celebrating teh growing relationships between Armenia and Luxembourg. He also referenced such partnerships (as the collaboration with the wine importer) as being "essential in bridging businesses to governments, both in Armenia and in Luxembourg". He talked for a few minutes about the chamber and its goals, mentioning "to encourage business relations between Luxembourg and Armenia, channel direct investments to (the) Armenian economy and provide unique opportunities for Luxembourg-based investors". He stressed that the chamber "links, safeguards and advises". He mentioned that in Armenia, wine is not just a drink: it is a part of culture and celebrations, and concluded by stating "cheers" in Armenian, "Kenats".

The wines - six white wines and ten red wines - were provided by With Us SA, based outside Brussels. They use some grape varieties know to European and other vineyards, e.g. Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah, as well as others specific to the Armenian region including Voskehat, Khatun Kharji, Kangun (all green grapes for white wine) and Areni, Haghtanak, Tannat, Saperavi, Ancellota and Montepulciano (all black grapes for red wine).

Spittoons were available for those who preferred to taste rather than drink the wines, with olives and cheese available on cocktail tables. Soft drinks and Armenian speciality finger food were also available for all.

Some of the wines are available from select Delhaize stores in Luxembourg, as well as online from, operated by With Us SA in Belgium.