Wolt's mascot Yuho in Luxembourg City; Credit: Wolt

On Thursday 16 May 2024, Wolt, a global player in the delivery services industry, announced that it is accelerating the roll out of its monthly subscription service, Wolt+, in Luxembourg.

Wolt noted that its app has been downloaded over 12,000 times since its launch in February 2024, with order numbers increasing by 100% between March and May 2024. The average basket value in Luxembourg is also approximately 26% higher than in similar markets.

Considering this "faster than expected" growth, the firm decided to speed up the introduction of Wolt+, a subscription service offering free deliveries at a flat fee of €9.99 per month. The service also grants subscribers access to special discounts and exclusive deals.

"Since the launch, we've observed a 100% growth from March to May, and thousands of people have already downloaded the app. It's an amazing achievement given the size of [Luxembourg] city," said Ludvig Helmertz, interim general manager of Wolt Luxemburg.

He added that the goal is "to make life easier for our customers, and Wolt+ is a significant leap towards achieving that. Whether it's your daily coffee, a weekly grocery run, or a dinner treat, Wolt+ ensures it arrives at your doorstep without a delivery fee."

Subscribers can manage their memberships through the Wolt app, which also provides real-time updates and exclusive offers tailored to their preferences and order history, the firm explained.

The launch of Wolt+ is expected to "enhance customers' interactions with local businesses, foster stronger community connections and support the local economy". "We believe Wolt+ will be a game-changer in how people think about delivery services. It's about providing value beyond savings, enriching our customers' daily lives," added Ludvig Helmertz.

Wolt+ is already available for Luxembourg app users and, in the first weekend, roughly one in five orders were from Wolt+ customers. Further information is available on Wolt’s website.