Cactus Bereldange; Credit: Cactus

Luxembourg supermarket business Cactus has announced several measures aimed at rewarding its employees during the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis.

In a statement released on Monday, Cactus stressed the importance of its motto “Fir Iech do” (there for you), not only for its customers but also for its employees who are working during an unprecedented situation.

In this context, the Cactus Group Management has decided to reward its employees with an initial attendance bonus of €500, to which will be added an additional bonus of €200 as agreed upon previously in the Group's collective agreement.

Laurent Schonckert, managing director of the Cactus group, explained: “The efforts made by our teams exceed our imagination! Our cashiers, our sales teams, our logistics teams, our purchasing teams and all of our back-office teams… ALL of them do exceptional work that deserves [...] praise. To thank them for their exemplary commitment, we first decided to pay an attendance bonus of €500 which will be paid to them in the coming weeks. As stipulated in the newly concluded collective agreement, in this period [they will also receive] a bonus of €200".

Laurent Schonckert added: "In addition, it has been decided that the overtime hours worked and those to come will be increased, until further notice, by 100% instead of the usual 50%".

Concerning supplies, the Group's purchasing teams have insisted that they are not worried about shortages. Although delivery delays may lead to occasional brand or product shortages, there are alternatives available to ensure supply.

Cactus is also a supplier to the platform, which offers a home delivery service to people who are not able to (or who should not) move around in stores.