Luxembourg family-run supermarket business Cactus has announced that it is launching five new Fairtrade certified coffee beans to be roasted at its Bruno roasting plant in Windhof.

The Cactus group's roasting plant is the largest producer of Fairtrade certified coffee in Luxembourg. In 2019, the Bruno plant produced 88 tonnes of fair trade coffee. In its efforts to further combat inequalities in the coffee sector, the company has launched five new coffee bean blends under the Cactus brand: Espresso, Dessert, Mocha, Fête and Decaffeinated. The grains that go into these balanced blends come from producers in Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.

Now with ten Fairtrade coffees freshly roasted in Windhof and marketed under the Bruno and Cactus brands, the company is strengthening its commitment to fair trade.

Cactus Espresso, Dessert, Mocha, Fête and Decaffeinated coffee beans are now available in Cactus stores.