Last weekend, the Rugby Club Luxembourg (RCL) Girls U15 Touch Rugby team achieved a piece of history for the RCL club in it's 50th year by being the first all girls junior team to represent the club. 

Playing against the Brussels Bufaloes, the RCL girls drew 2-2 in a short but competitive game. The match was part of a wider Junior Touch Mixed tournament where RCL had teams playing at U15 and U12 age groups.

Nick Frank, President of Touch Luxembourg and coach at RCL Junior Touch coach commented: "We have been building towards this day over the last 4 years as we have seen more and more girls join RCL Junior Touch. As a sport that focuses more on teamwork, running and passing rather than power, Touch has proven so popular with the girls that we are now looking for more boys to even things up." 

This achievement builds on the successful RCL Ladies Day held recently and shows that the sport of Touch Rugby is an ideal pathway to playing more sport such as in the Luxembourg Social Touch league or even to contact rugby. Some of the girls U15 players have begun to play with adults in the Mixed Belgium Touch league and a couple have gone on to play elite junior sport together with the Belgium Juniors. So there is space for all to develop along whatever sporting pathway they choose.

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