Atomic Rocket Seeders;

Luxembourg band Atomic Rocket Seeders have been crowned the winners of Rock the South 2019.

This year's edition of Rock the South Newcomer Band Contest took place on the evening of Saturday 7 December 2019 at Home St Hubert in Pétange. Organised on the initiative of the youth commission of the municipality of Pétange in collaboration with the National Youth Service (SNJ), Holtz Sound, 7FM Luxembourg, Radio Ara and Péiteng On Air, the competition is aimed at amateur rock bands and newcomers to the Luxembourg scene.

Rock the South 2019 featured an original line-up of four bands, who competed for the title of "best newcomer of the year". This year's finalists were punk / ska punk band Fehl-Tritt, symphonic metal group Arduinna’s Dawn, Atomic Rocket Seeders (mix of rock and metal) and Calypso’s Call (nu metal).

After a short welcome speech, the bands performed one after the other within the 25-30 minutes time frame, before the jury determined the winner according to the following five criteria: originality of the songs, charisma and presentation, musical talent, contact and interaction with the public and upstream promotion.

The jury ultimately chose Atomic Rocket Seeders as the big winner of the evening due to the band's maturity and full use of space on stage. The band has therefore won a voucher worth €1,000 to use at Holtz Sound. As tradition dictates, they can also perform at Rock the South 2020.

The second winner of the evening was Calypso's Call, whose stage presence and charisma won them a recording session at AUDEO audio-visual studio in Lamadelaine.

Finally, the jury chose Arduinna's Dawn to perform on the stage of the festival "On Stéitsch" in 2020 thanks to the SNJ. Fehl-Tritt won a €100 voucher.

Legacy of Atlas, last year's winner, followed by the group Lost In Pain, rounded off the evening before the announcement of the big winners.