Credit: Parents Association of International School Michel Lucius Primary

The Parents Association of International School Michel Lucius Primary has announced that it is launching a new initiative aimed at improving road safety around the school campus.

The Parents Association said in a statement on Friday 17 May 2024 that it was "stepping up to address ongoing traffic concerns around the school campus". The association argued that a lack of response from the relevant authorities had contributed to its decision to take independent measures to organise and implement traffic guidance.

The initiative will begin on Tuesday 21 May 2024 and will include support and assistance for pedestrians during morning rush hours. From 07:30 to 08:00, the Parents Association will provide pedestrian support and guidance at street crossings around the school campus to "ensure the safety of students, parents and staff". The initiative will rely on parent volunteers who will be present during peak drop-off times.

"We have urgently and repeatedly sought intervention from relevant ministries and local authorities to address the perilous traffic conditions around our school. Regrettably, our grave concerns have been met with inadequate action," stated Parents Association President Ulrik Møller. "The current situation poses an imminent threat to our children, making a severe accident inevitable if nothing changes. It is a tragic reality that authorities often act only after a serious incident, such as a child being struck by a vehicle or one of the over 100 buses racing to Limpertsberg before school. We refuse to wait for such a catastrophe. Unlike the local public Luxembourgish school, which benefits from municipal agents assisting students, our international public school has received no such support. Our school community feels utterly abandoned. Thus, we are compelled to take decisive action to safeguard our children and community. We call on all parents to join us in this critical effort."