(Seated) L-R: Andreas Beckmann, Secretary-General of European Schools; Claude Meisch, Luxembourg's Minister of Education, Children & Youth; Caroll Lemarié, head of Luxembourg delegation to European Schools' Board of Governors; Credit: MENEJ

Luxembourg's Ministry of Education, Children and Youth has announced the signature of a new agreement for public European education in the Grand Duchy.

On Wednesday 20 July 2022, Luxembourg's Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch, and the Secretary-General of the European Schools, Andreas Beckmann, signed the initial accreditation agreement for the École internationale Mersch Anne Beffort (EIMAB), which opened its doors at the start of the 2021 academic year. EIMAB is the fifth public European school in Luxembourg.

At the same time, Minister Meisch and Mr Beckmann renewed the accreditation of the École internationale de Differdange et Esch-sur-Alzette (EIDE), Luxembourg's first public European school, which opened in September 2016.

The signature took place in the presence of the head of the Luxembourg delegation to the Board of Governors of the European Schools, Caroll Lemarié, and the directors of EIMAB and EIDE, Julie-Suzanne Bausch and Gérard Zens, respectively.

According to the Education Ministry, Luxembourg's five public European schools fit into the context of efforts to diversify the school landscape to respond to the growing heterogeneity of the school population.

With the opening at the start of the 2022-23 academic year of the École internationale Gaston Thorn in Luxembourg, free public European education will be offered in all regions of the country.

For Minister Claude Meisch, "public European schools are an important pillar of a diversified educational landscape. With Luxembourg's 'traditional' public schools which also adapt to the heterogeneity of the school population, Luxembourg offers fair chances of success to our children and young people. Regardless of their mother tongue, social and cultural background".

To date, 4,672 pupils are enrolled in the five schools, divided into the three sections (English-, French-and German-speaking; Luxembourgish is taught on a compulsory basis from the first class of primary school to the third class of secondary school). The École internationale Gaston Thorn, located on the territory of the City of Luxembourg (Ville de Luxembourg - VdL), will open its doors to 300 pupils in September 2022.

In July 2023, a first generation of EIDE pupils will receive their European Baccalaureate diploma.

The Education Ministry recalled that the European Schools system guarantees the quality of education and of the European Baccalaureate for which it prepares. Accreditations and their renewal are subject to a control procedure punctuated by regular audits by the Board of Inspectors of the European Schools. The recommendations transmitted contribute to the permanent development of accredited schools in Luxembourg. These benefit from the experience of the European Schools spread throughout the European Union (EU).

Secretary-General Andreas Beckmann congratulated Minister Meisch on the dynamics of opening up the accredited European Schools in Luxembourg. He also highlighted the quality of teaching within these schools, as proven in the last two audit reports.