On 1 February 2017, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Etienne Schneider presented the first accredited certification body and first certified service provided in electronic archiving.

Currently, Luxembourg is the only country in the European Union with an operational legal framework for electronic archiving. Consistent with the Digital Lëtzebuerg initiative, the current legislation recognizes in particular the legal value of digital documents and, under certain conditions, offers important guarantees as to their conformity with the original. In addition, this legislation provides for a new statute called 'dematerialisation or conservation service provider' (CSDP) for companies active in the field of electronic archiving.

Yesterday, Minister Schneider attended the accreditation by the ILNAS (Institut Luxembourgeois de la Normalisation, de l'Accréditation, de la Sécurité) of PECB Europe as the first certifying body for electronic archiving in Luxembourg and the certification of LabGroup Luxembourg as the leading provider of dematerialisation or conservation services (CSDP).

In his introduction Etienne Schneider stressed that: "With electronic archiving and the status of CSDP we are taking a step further in the transposition of our Digital Lëtzebuerg strategy and we will be able to attract new economic players in Luxembourg, whether they are companies active in electronic archiving or companies wishing to take advantage of our reference legislation for the electronic archiving of their own documents."

Photo by MECO. From left to right: Pierre Dewez, PECB Europe; Étienne Schneider, Deputy-Prime ministre, Minister of the Economy; Bernard Moreau, LabGroup Luxembourg; Jean-Marie Reiff, ILNAS