PM Frieden at the reopening of the National Museum of Resistance and Human Rights; Credit: © SIP / Claude Piscitelli

On Friday 1 March 2024, the National Museum of Resistance and Human Rights in Esch-sur-Alzette was officially reopened by Luxembourg's Prime Minister, Luc Frieden, accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Eric Thill.

Prime Minister Frieden welcomed the reopening of the museum to the general public. At the ceremony, he said: “Recent geopolitical developments show us that resistance and human rights are in fact not only an important part of our history, but are an ongoing part of our news. We must all constantly commit to safeguarding our democracy. I hope that this museum can be a place of collection, reflection and discussion for all those who have the opportunity to visit it – and I hope that there will be many of them.

The museum now presents itself to the public with an area three times larger and a reworked museography. Inaugurated in 1956, through its permanent exhibition it continues to address the Second World War in all its complexity, while including a new section dedicated to human rights and current affairs.

Minister Thill praised the quality of the expansion and renovation work undertaken and underlined: “I link personal reflections to this museum. My grandfather was one of those who suffered under Nazi terror. He is one of the many voices that will find a place in this museum. Their courage and determination to work for good during the darkest periods of Luxembourg's history are honoured there. Their experiences and sacrifices should remind us that we must not look away, especially in the current context. This museum is therefore not only a place to remind us of resistance, but a place that encourages us to actively engage in human rights and freedom of expression.”

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