Luxembourg's National Museum of Natural History (Musée national d'histoire naturelle Luxembourg - MNHN), also known as the “natur musée” has announced it will celebrate Charles Darwin's 215th birthday this year.

The English naturalist is particularly renowned for his theory of evolution."[...] an infinite quantity of beautiful and admirable forms, emerging from such a simple beginning, have not stopped developing and are still developing!” Charles Darwin wrote.

As has become a tradition since 2009 (Darwin's 200th birthday), the National Museum of Natural History will invite visitors to celebrate the scientist around his birthday (12 February) on a special guided tour. This tour aims to recount the eventful life of Darwin and the history of the theory of evolution in light of the current temporary exhibition at the museum (Asteroid Mission in 2024) and in addition to what is already presented in the permanent exhibitions.

His ideas and work have had an important influence on many scientific and social topics, the National Museum of Natural History noted, adding that it will celebrate on both Sunday 11 and Tuesday 13 February 2024 .