The Grand Ducal Police have announced that they are launching a national road safety campaign over the Carnival period.

In an approach focusing on general road safety and the prevention of traffic accidents, the police will carry out preventive and repressive actions throughout the Carnival holiday period. As such, there will be an increased police presence on the roads and at Carnival events (particularly during the "main" events). Reinforced controls, particularly targeting drink driving and speeding, are planned.

The police recalled that alcohol was the presumed main cause of 16% of serious accidents and 43% of fatal accidents on Luxembourg's roads in 2022.

They added that alcohol is a psychoactive substance that acts on the body and impacts one's vision, behaviour and reaction time:

- activity level and risk appetite increase from 0.2 g/l;

- attention, concentration and resistance to fatigue decline and neuromuscular disorders can appear from 0.3 g/l;

- from 0.5 g/l, there is a clear alteration of sensory perceptions, reduction in reaction capacity, prolongation of reaction time, coordination disorders and narrowing of the visual field.

As such, the police have advised the public to consume alcohol in moderation and warned against driving after excessive alcohol consumption. Instead, opt for public transport or municipal transport organised as part of the Carnival celebrations.

The police shared other preventive tips, namely:

- be careful with your belongings and bags and do not leave them lying around at parties;
- beware of pickpockets;
- make sure that no one can access your drinks to avoid someone putting unwanted substances into them;
- report any suspicious people or objects to the emergency police number 113.