Credit: ACL

The Automobile Club du Luxembourg (ACL) has announced that its teams identified 14.18% defective batteries of the vehicles they checked during the traditional road safety and tyre campaign, taking place this year from 16 October to 19 November 2023.

During the free checks, motorists were able to have their vehicle's lights, tires and batteries checked free of charge. This year again, the ACL examined 4,311 cars in fourteen days, an average of 308 vehicles per day compared to 304 vehicles per day during the 2022 edition which lasted eighteen days.

ACL experts have found that the battery remains the number one cause of vehicle breakdowns. In fact, 205 batteries were identified as defective, which represented 14.18% of the vehicles checked. Regarding headlights, 112 were identified as defective (2.6% of vehicles checked) and 529 were adjusted on-site (12.27%). Finally, it was observed that 151 vehicles were equipped with tyres showing excessive wear, accounting for 3.5% of the vehicles inspected.

As temperatures begin to drop, ACL advised taking the time to prepare the car in order to get through the winter without any problems. To this end, ACL stressed the importance of having one’s vehicle’s battery checked. As a reminder, the average lifespan of a battery is four to five years. Several factors influence the condition of the battery, such as weather conditions, digital features or accessories connected to the vehicle's electrical circuit. If it turns out to be no longer in good condition, it is possible to replace it at the ACL Diagnostic Center by appointment.

The ACL also took advantage of its 2023 tire and lighting campaign to raise awareness among motorists of the SightFirst programme, which gives priority to sight. In collaboration with Lions International District 113 Luxembourg and Road Safety, this programme launched in 1990 engages Lions around the world to ensure screening and improve the autonomy, training, mobility and safety of visually impaired and blind people.

Particular attention should be paid to tyres in winter, ACL noted. In Luxembourg, winter tyres are compulsory during winter conditions, whatever the time of year. By “winter conditions”, ACL specified black ice, packed snow, slush, patches of ice or frost.  These tyres must be marked 'M+S', 'M.S.', 'M&S' or feature the mountain pictogram accompanied by a snowflake.

Finally, ACL noted the importance of checking the lighting and topping off the windshield washer level with antifreeze. If necessary, it also recommended to treat the door seals with, for example, glycerin or candle wax, to prevent the frost from causing the doors’ rubber to adhere to the metal of the car’s body. Checking the windshield wiper blades and equipping oneself with some antifreeze accessories is also necessary, ACL stressed.

The ACL thanked motorists for their trust during the latest winter safety campaign. The team noted it is possible to schedule appointments for a “Holiday Test” at the ACL-Diagnostic Center in Bertrange), in order to best prepare for the hazards of winter. This is especially recommended if one is planning a ski vacation in the coming months, ACL pointed out.