Luxembourg's Roads Administration has announced that the first motorway tunnel maintenance and cleaning campaign for this year will begin on Monday 13 March and will last until mid-June 2023.

This campaign includes maintenance of safety equipment, control of the operation and the interaction of the various equipment as well as the cleaning of the walls of the tunnels, cameras and variable signalling, etc. 

In order to reduce the impact on traffic and while taking into account coordination with other sites, maintenance and cleaning operations in tunnels will mostly be carried out at night.

The following tunnels and game passages are concerned: Pénétrante Sud, Richard Serra, Saint-Esprit, Stafelter, Grouft, Howald, Cents, Frisange, Mondorf, Markusberg, Micheville, Colmar-Berg, Aessen, Mersch, Gousselerbierg, Pétange-Église, Biff, Ehlerange, Kirchberg and Roost.

The planned dates of the interventions for the various tunnels can be consulted online at