As part of its road safety strategy, between mid-October and the end of December 2021, the Grand Ducal Police carried out checks specifically concerning the visibility and technical condition of vehicles.

Police officers issued a total of 645 fines as part of this road safety campaign.

84 of the infringements recorded concerned tyre irregularities. In 68 cases, officers found problems with loading; in fourteen cases, they found technical faults.

More than 300 fines were issued for non-compliance or the non-use of lighting.

In 70 of the cases observed, the cars in question were fitted with non-regulatory or unauthorised number plates or poorly legible or poorly attached number plates.

Police officers issued 52 fines to drivers who were unable to present the safety equipment required by the highway code, such as the warning triangle or the reflective safety vest. About 50 drivers were also fined because of a reduced field of vision or irregularities in the windows of their vehicles.

Moreover, police officers drew up 480 summons reports (including around 150 relating to lighting faults) during the preventive phase of the campaign.

This means that, in the event of non-compliance with certain elements, the drivers were not automatically fined but were granted a three-day period to bring their vehicle into compliance with the legislation. Offenders were then required to report to a police unit after the defects had been rectified.

The Grand Ducal Police will continue to carry out such checks as part of their daily preventive missions.