Luxembourg's Roads Authority has announced that the Hamm (Irrgarten) interchange will be subject to roadworks this week, from Wednesday to Friday.

The Roads Authority will first carry out a project related to the installation of two gantries on exit no. 7 of the Hamm interchange coming from Kirchberg from 20:00 on Wednesday 20 November until 06:00 on Thursday 21 November 2019.

For the duration of these works, exit no. 7 of the A1 from Kirchberg and towards the Schaffner (Irrgarten) roundabout will be closed. Traffic coming from the A1 in Kirchberg will be diverted via the A1, the Gasperich cross, the A3, the Gluck roundabout, the A3, back onto the A1 and the Hamm interchange.

Similarly, works concerning the installation of two gantries on the N2a towards the Hamm interchange and from Kalchesbrück/Airport will be carried out between 20:00 on Thursday 21 November and 06:00 on Friday 22 November 2019.

During this period, the N2a between Schaffner roundabout and Kalchesbrück (Cents) and Luxembourg Airport will be closed to traffic in both directions. The bypass between the N2 from Sandweiler and the N2a towards Kalchesbrück will also be closed. Traffic to/from the Schaffner roundabout headed towards or coming from Cents and the airport will be diverted via the N2 - Cents.