Credit: Roads Administration

The Luxembourg Roads Administration has announced that the Gosseldange tunnel will be closed to traffic from next week due to work related to the overhaul of electromechanical equipment.

This construction project will run from around 08:00 on Monday 12 August until approximately 20:00 on Sunday 15 September 2019.

In this context, the Gosseldange tunnel from the Lorentzweiler interchange in the direction of the Schoenfels interchange will be closed to traffic from 08:00 on Monday 12 August until around 19:00 on Wednesday 28 August.

The tunnel will similarly be closed in the opposite direction (from the Schoenfels interchange towards the Lorentzweiler interchange) from around 20:00 on Wednesday 28 August until 20:00 on Sunday 15 September.

Traffic on the A7 motorway will be diverted to the opposite tunnel open in the form of two-way traffic. The maximum speed is limited to 70 km / h in both directions and, for safety reasons, vehicles will be subjected to a permanent speed control in the tunnel throughout the construction site.

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