Credit: Luxtram

Luxtram has reported that the start of the test and trial phase for the new tram section (D) in Luxembourg began on Friday 17 May 2024.

This new phase kicked off on Friday morning, in the presence of Luxembourg's Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Yuriko Backes, the Mayor of the City of Luxembourg, Lydie Polfer, and the Luxembourg City alderman responsible for mobility, Patrick Goldschmidt, as well as the Mayor of the municipality of Hesperange, Marc Lies.

As reported by Luxtram, a tram left the current terminus "Lycée Bouneweg" at 08:00 and travelled 3.7 km to reach the new "Stadion" interchange before making the return trip. The tram operated at a speed of 3 to 5 km/h to allow the teams to check for any obstacles. Despite the rain on Friday, Luxtram said these first tests took place in "good conditions" and the objective was met.

Luxtram confirmed that the next stages can proceed as planned.

This new section, set to enter into service from 7 July 2024, marks an extension of the tram network towards Cloche d'Or and the national stadium (Stade de Luxembourg). It adds five new stops, namely: Scillas, Howald Gare (interchange), Lycée Vauban, Waassertuerm and Stadion (interchange).