L-R: Yan Steil, Department of Mobility and Transport; François Bausch, Minister of Mobility and Public Works; Alex Kies, head of Department of Mobility and Transport; Credit: MMTP

Luxembourg's Ministry of Mobility and Public Works today presented plans for the restructuring of the RGTR national bus network to meet growing mobility demands; these changes are scheduled for 2020-2021.

The project is composed of different stages and has been underway since 2016. Surveys and studies as well as workshops and roadshows have served to study the current network and find an efficient reorganisation to optimise traffic flows.

The main principles of the reorganisation can be summarised as offering an organised, efficient and easy-to use network for customers. Changes include the new numbering of bus lines to show the region and type of service (e.g. express, local, regional lines). In addition, services will be extended to 23:00 on the main bus lines on Saturday and Sunday nights. 

The network is set to be finalised in late 2019 and will be presented to the public in early 2020. The first changes will be visible by May 2020 before the new network is fully implemented in September 2021.

Luxembourg's Minister of Mobility and Public Works, François Bausch, explained: "This whole reorganisation is about the development of our country and the specific needs that result from it. Beginning with the express lines that together with the rail network are the main pillars of the new network. In addition, the requirements of rural areas will be taken into consideration by setting up an on-demand service".