Data compiled from Luxembourg's Ministry of Health has shown that unvaccinated people aged 75 or older remain most vulnerable to hospitalisation due to COVID-19 in the Grand Duchy.

Between 1 October 2021 and 10 January 2022, detailed data is available for 517 hospitalised patients, of whom 303 (59%) were not vaccinated and 214 (41%) were either fully vaccinated or had received a booster dose following full vaccination.

Hospitalisations grouped across different age groups revealed that 40 to 64 year-olds accounted for the highest share (38% of hospitalisations, i.e. 194 patients) followed by the 65 to 75 age group (22%, i.e. 114 patients). Patients aged 85 or older accounted for only 54 hospitalisations (i.e. 10%).

However, when seen together with the incidence rates (the number of hospitalisations per 100,000 residents of the same age group and vaccination category), patients aged 85 or older showed the highest vulnerability.

Unvaccinated patients aged 85 or older in intensive care (ICU) had the highest incidence rate of 1,181 followed by unvaccinated patients aged 75 to 84 with an incidence rate of 683.

Data presentation

To portray a complete overview of the recent hospitalisations in Luxembourg, here we have presented the vaccination status (unvaccinated, fully vaccinated or received a "booster" dose) as rows and the different age groups and hospitalisation status (standard care or ICU) as columns.

The size of the circle represents the number of hospitalisations in each case, and is complemented with the colour of the circle which represents the incidence rates.

Unvaccinated 40 to 64 year-olds have the largest circle size (99 patients), and the dots represent zero hospitalisations.

The highlighted background is for representation only and shows low to high vulnerability in line with the incidence rates. This also emphasises that even though the actual number of hospitalisations remains low among the older population, the incidence rates are high among the unvaccinated.

The outcome of the hospitalisations is not communicated.