Luxembourg's Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth has published figures detailing the evolution of COVID-19 in Luxembourg schools between 12 - 18 July 2021.

The figures for students and teachers who tested positive for COVID-19 relate to all public and private primary and secondary schools and skill centres in specialised psycho-pedagogy located in Luxembourg.

During the week of 12 to 18 July 2021:

• 212 positive cases corresponding to scenario 1 were counted in 42 primary schools, 39 secondary schools and one competence centre (scenario 1: pupil or teacher infected outside the school without there having been a spread of the virus at school).

• 17 positive cases corresponding to scenario 2 were observed in seven primary schools, five secondary schools and two competence centres (scenario 2: two positive cases in a class with an uncertain source of infection or probably outside the class).

• 12 positive cases corresponding to scenario 3 were identified in one primary school and four secondary schools (scenario 3: three to five positive cases in a class).

• No Scenario 4 occurred in week 28.