On Friday 27 November 2020, Luxembourg's Prime Minister and Minister of State, Xavier Bettel, met with representatives of the Luxembourg Association of Nurses and Health Workers (ANIL) to discuss the future of the nursing profession. 

Prime Minister Bettel also took the opportunity to reiterate his respect and thanks for the enormous efforts made by health workers and nurses since the start of the crisis.

The discussions were constructive and looked at a series of subjects, including in particular the issue of the shortage of healthcare staff in Luxembourg and a better promotion of training leading to nursing qualifications.

In view of the shortage of healthcare personnel, which was once again highlighted during the current crisis, it has been decided that it is urgent to work on two axes: the offer of attractive professional training in line with the growing complexity of the profession, as well as the promotion of the profession and its image to the general public. The need to adapt or reform the study model, as well as concrete suggestions for, for example, an information campaign or an in-depth study on the working conditions of nurses were raised and discussed.

The Prime Minister listened to the thoughts of the association and undertook to set, as soon as possible, an appointment for an inter-ministerial working meeting with the ANIL in order to develop concrete proposals and identification of projects to enforce.

Prime Minister Bettel stated “we have once again witnessed the importance of nurses in the proper functioning of our health system. Now, it is important to maintain, if not extend, this revalued vision of your profession. The government fully supports ANIL in its efforts in this regard”, before adding: “It is also important to train more nurses in this country, and that the training responds exactly to the needs and challenges of your profession. Our common goal is to prepare your profession for the future and thus support and strengthen the entire healthcare system over the long term. I am convinced that together we will make it happen!"