Credit: Albert Nguon / Tun Marques / Ignacio Valcarce

The first-ever "Luxembourg's Influencer Summit" was held on Saturday 6 July 2024 at the Grizzly Bar in Luxembourg-Clausen and brought together influencers and content creators based in Luxembourg to foster connections, share insights and better understand the content creator landscape in the country.

This ground-breaking event was organised by ChefPassport, M-A Associations and 3D Events with the support of a number of sponsors, attracting 55 participants, including fifteen influencers from diverse fields such as fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food and travel. Influencers had the opportunity to network with each other and with industry professionals, fostering a collaborative environment rather than one of competition.

The event began with a briefing, followed by a video presentation where influencers introduced their work and personal brands. Attendees enjoyed a live cooking performance by ChefPassport's newest culinary talent, Corrie Baier, who prepared the traditional Thai hot and sour lemongrass soup, Tom Yum. Chef Corrie's demonstration showcased "nose-to-tail" cooking techniques, emphasising sustainability and reducing food waste. The event also celebrated the company's fifth anniversary.

The evening concluded with a live survey to gauge more insights about the influencer landscape in Luxembourg: 47% of participants believe Luxembourg does not understand the influencer industry at all, 63% of influencers feel a strong sense of responsibility towards their followers, and 95% of participants still have a main job, while 42% are actively working to turn influencing into their primary career.

The summit aimed to pioneer the gathering of Luxembourgish influencers residing in the country, showcasing the growing industry of influencers and content creators across multiple sectors. It facilitated discussions on current challenges, future developments and innovative marketing strategies, while fostering stronger connections and long-lasting relationships between content creators, the media and brands.

Key highlights included presentations by influencers who shared their inspiring journeys through video presentations.

Felicia Girotto encapsulated the event's spirit, stating: "As influencers, we should not compete. There is enough space for everyone to grow; we should rather support each other and grow together."

Marc-Antoine from M-A Associations praised the event, stating: "A mesmerising event, with great impressions and exchange from the influencer world."

Djulieta Ardovan, who creates content about what works and what works less in Luxembourg, shared her perspective: "Being a full-time content creator in Luxembourg is still challenging despite the industry's growth. The movement is gaining momentum, but there's a need for more understanding and support for influencers here."

This summit was the first of its kind in Luxembourg, offering a new concept and audience engagement; with enthusiastic feedback from attendees, plans are already underway for a larger event in 2025. Matteo Ressa, CEO of ChefPassport, who introduced the latest digital product for busy parents, ChefPassport Family, stated that ChefPassport is committed to expanding its collaborations and exploring new opportunities in the influencer marketing landscape.