(L-R) Christophe Goossens, RTL Luxembourg; Jean-Louis Schiltz, CLT-UFA; Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister, Minister of Communications and Media; Elmar Heggen, RTL Group; Anne-Catherine Ries, Director of the Media, Connectivity and Digital Policy Department; Credit: SMC

On Tuesday 14 June 2022, following the vote by the Chamber of Deputies (Luxembourg's parliament) of the law authorising the State to participate in the financing of the public service mission in terms of television, radio and digital activities entrusted to CLT-UFA, the agreement relating to the performance of a mission public service contract for television, radio and digital activities concluded between CLT-UFA, RTL Group and the Luxembourg State was signed.

As part of the continuity of the public service mission entrusted to CLT-UFA since 2021, the agreement entrusts CLT-UFA with a public service mission in terms of television, radio and digital activities for a period of seven years, i.e. from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2030. In the same vein as the previous agreement, this new instrument provides for the State's participation in the partial financing of CLT-UFA's public service mission, which will only be used to cover the remaining deficit after taking into account income, CLT-UFA's own annual financial contribution and the use of CLT-UFA's financial reserve.

Among the main purposes of this agreement is the institution of a public service mission which is intended to be dynamic, modern and which takes into account the evolutions and needs of the public. To do this, a series of unprecedented commitments are provided for, namely, in particular, the commitment of CLT-UFA to create a programme intended for children within the framework of a coherent programming and without advertising or even the commitment of this last to establish, in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg, the so-called “Media Centre” system intended to further promote media education.

Alongside the obligation to respect a series of principles of ethics and professional conduct, this instrument also provides for support measures for the benefit of players in the local cinematographic and audiovisual sector through enhanced cooperation between CLT-UFA and the national support fund for audiovisual production.

Today we are consolidating the stability of the public service by 2030 – it is a big step that we are taking with confidence. It is about information, transparency and quality,” said Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister and Minister of Communications and Media.

According to Elmar Heggen, Deputy Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of RTL Group, “RTL stands for independent journalism and positive entertainment – ​​across television, radio and digital. Based on this spirit and the renewed long-term funding model, our teams will continue to provide an innovative and successful public programming service to our Luxembourg audiences”.

All these measures, coupled with making better use of the opportunities offered by the various means of electronic broadcasting and distribution, will provide CLT-UFA with the necessary means to create and distribute a high-level public service offer until 2030.