The Luxembourg Government, in collaboration with Statec, has just published its latest "10 Fact Sheets about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg" brochure, available in English, French, German and Luxembourgish.

The publication, aimed at presenting and promoting Luxembourg in a fun and visual way among the general public, is a continuation of the series of published infographics by the Government's Information and Press Service since 2015. The 2019 edition has been updated in content and completely revised in terms of graphics.

The brochure is divided into ten chapters: at a glance; history of the Grand Duchy; culture; population and languages; quality of life; politics and institutions; Luxembourg in the world; economy; import and export; innovation.

The 2019 edition of "10 Fact Sheets about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg" can be viewed, downloaded or ordered on the website, under the heading "Publications". It can also be ordered via e-mail: