Round-table; Credit: Fondation Cécile Ginter

Last Thursday, the Cécile Ginter Foundation organised the round-table "The challenges and levers of rental social housing" at BGL BNP Paribas.

The round-table, organised with the support of the Ministry of Housing and BGL BNP Paribas, was composed of Sam Tanson, Minister of Housing, Georges Andrade, Executive Director of Wunnengshëllef asbl, Nathalie Sauvanet, Head of Individual Philanthropy BNP Paribas Wealth Management, François Jacobs, Vice-President of the Cécile Ginter Foundation, and Jean-Paul Scheuren, President of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg's Real Estate Board.

The discussion highlighted the desire among all stakeholders in the field of social housing to work hard to find solutions to the lack thereof in Luxembourg. All agreed that there was no one solution to the problem of social housing, but that everyone must work on all levels, including offering incentives to encourage investment in social rental housing, repressive measures for the respect of laws, promotion of new forms of housing and financial support for rent for people who can not find decent housing because of their low income. All also agreed that the solutions are complex and that only the dialogue between all actors will find solutions that will have a real effect on social housing.

Finally, all were also aware of the delay in this area, as inequalities continue to widen and every year more and more families join the ranks of those in need of social housing. To be able to catch up and put an end to this race against the clock, participants recognised the need for massive investments on each side. The round-table ended with the promise of meeting again to explore the various measures discussed.

For the Cécile Ginter Foundation, which works to ensure that everyone has the right to a dignified life and to enjoy their fundamental rights, these conclusions are important. The crucial lack of social rental housing in Luxembourg is one of his main interests. Currently three residences are under construction in Ettelbruck and Differdange and a fourth is planned in Mersch.