Credit: Printemps des Poètes

The seventeenth edition of the Printemps des Poètes festival will take place on the weekend from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 April 2024 across Luxembourg.

Taking the stage this year will be twelve poets from different countries:  Prisca Agustoni (Switzerland), Petr Borkovec (Czech Republic), Raquel Casas Agustí (Catalonia/Spain), Luis Filipe Castro Mendes (Portugal), Franco Costantini (Italy), Jean D'Amérique (Haiti - France), Maria Ferenčuhová (Slovakia), Tom Hengen (Luxembourg), Marianne Jungmaier (Austria), Patrick Kaufmann (Liechtenstein), Aurora Luque (Spain) and Krisztina Tóth (Hungary).

The festival’s opening evening will take place on Friday 26 April at the Kulturfabrik in Esch-sur-Alzette. There will be poetry readings and an appetizer buffet from 19:00, followed by a poetry evening, including readings from the winners of the Concours Jeune Printemps 2024 (The Luxembourg Poets Spring Festival). The latter is a multilingual poetry competition for secondary school and university students. Maxime Bender and Napoleon Gold will provide live musical accompaniment.

Next on the agenda will be the big poetry evening (Grande nuit de la poésie) at the Abbaye de Neumünster (neimënster) on Saturday 27 April 2024 from 19:00, in the Nic Klecker space, with lectures by a multitude of national and international poets. There will be a break with a buffet meal and Beatriz Jiménez will provide live musical accompaniment. The event will feature an Ernster book stand on Friday and Saturday as well.

The festival will end on Sunday 23 April, with a poetry morning from 11:00 at Galerie Simoncini. The readings will be followed by a debate with the poets invited on the topic of “grace”.

Entry is free. Reservations can be made via email at: for the big poetry evening and for the opening evening, respectively.