Credit: Ville de Luxembourg

On Friday 13 July 2018, 553 students received diplomas in Luxembourgish language and culture and 76 students were awarded diplomas in German sign language.

Last week, the College of Mayor and Aldermen of Luxembourg City awarded 553 diplomas of attendance to students of language and culture courses in Luxembourg in the year 2017/2018 and 76 diplomas to students of German Sign Language courses ("Deutsche Gebärdensprache "- DGS).

On this occasion, the College of Mayor and Aldermen congratulated the students of the Luxembourgish courses for their efforts to learn the country's language, knowledge of which is a powerful factor in integration, and thanked the seven teachers. In addition, the College welcomed the significant number of people who took sign language courses and congratulated the two teachers for their commitment and the quality of the courses taught.

The students of the Luxembourgish courses organised in 2017/2018 were for the most part residents of the City of Luxembourg (65.78%); the other students came from other municipalities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or the Greater Region (6.29%). In terms of this year's success rate, 553 out of a total of 880 graduated, representing 62.84% of those enrolled.

The Luxembourg language and culture courses for adults provided by the City are approved by the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training and also entitle them to obtain a certificate bearing the quality label under the condition of having attended at least 70% of the course hours. This year, 43.52% of students will receive the certificate in question, compared to 55% in 2016/2017, 69% in 2015/2016, 56% in 2014/2015, 44% in 2013/14 and 42% in 2012/13. 

Meanwhile, the City of Luxembourg, in collaboration with the association Daaflux, has been offering German sign language courses for beginners (DGS-1) and advanced (DGS-2) learners since January 2010. The purpose of these courses is to encourage meetings between deaf and hearing people and to contribute to improving the communication and integration of deaf people. The students enrolled this year came from all over the country or the Greater Region, with only 22% being residents of the capital. During the 2017/2018 school year, 5 DGS-1 courses, 3 DGS-2 courses and 2 DGS-3 courses (since January 2018, 8 90-minute sessions) were organised at the Cents Centre. 42 people completed courses in DGS-1, 22 in DGS-2 and 12 in DGS-3 and 90.5% of students graduated (compared to 100% in 2016/2017, 87.4% in 2015/2016, 89.3% in 2014/2015, 89.6% in 2013/2014, 82.6% in 2012/13 and 82% in 2011/12).