Florence Kraus, Luxembourgish saxophone player; Credit: neimënster

The fourth edition of Luxembourg's RESET jazz festival will be taking place in the form of a "hybrid" event from 14-16 January 2021.

This month, the RESET jazz festival is set to welcome the artists in residence on the neimënster site in a somewhat particular context. Traditionally open to the public, this year's format has been adapted to the current COVID-19 restrictions; neimënster and Luxembourg composer and vibraphonist Pascal Schumacher have devised a hybrid model to allow artists to perform in front of a small audience and to broadcast the performances via internet streaming.

Chosen by Pascal Schumacher, the following eight musicians (four women and four men) from eight different countries will take over neimënster next week: Florence Kraus (Luxembourg, saxophone); Sissel Vera Pettersen (Norway, vocals); Franzi Aller (Germany, bass); Sophie Bernado (France, bassoon); Goran Kafjes (Sweden, trumpet); Tuur Florizoone (Belgium, accordion); Balint Gyémánt (Hungary, guitar); João Lobo (Portugal, percussions).

The artists will be available for several meetings in places revisited and adapted to the sanitary measures in force.


Fri. 15/01/21 @ 20:00: The artists will play concerts (20- to 25-minutes long), followed by an interlude with Pascal Schumacher. Entry is free but registration is necessary and places are limited. The event will also be broadcast live on Facebook, YouTube and Luxembourg's cultural channel KUK (Kulturkanal).

Sat. 16/01/21 @ 20:00: The artists will present the result of their experience at neimënstter during a closing concert in Salle Krieps (neimënster). Tickets cost €22. Booking is required and places are limited. The concert will also be broadcast live  on Facebook, YouTube and KUK.

The detailed programme will be unveiled soon, subject to last minute changes.