Credit: Patient Zero

A group of Luxembourg musicians have come up with "Patient Zero", a project born during confinement that demonstrates that distance is no obstacle to creation for artists.

Six musicians recently came up with the project to show that being under lockdown does not mean that artists cannot create music together. In April 2020, the six friends gave free rein to their imaginations to compose and record the first blues single "Wise Man" from the comfort of their own homes. This first song, the lyrics of which are partly inspired by the life and personality of Luxembourgish blues artist René Cavallini, is accompanied by an up-to-date video clip, which was recorded as the tracks of the song cad from a distance.

Patient Zero is composed of Alex Logel Hammond (Carl Wyatt and the Delta Voodoo Kings), Elise Nunes on vocals (Stelise, Heavy Petrol), Steve Richer on guitar (Stelise, Heavy Petrol), Ewen Curreli on guitar (Blues Bastards), Dan Fastro on bass (Porn Queen, Fred Barreto Group) and Yves Ditsch on drums (Carl Wyatt and the Delta Voodoo Kings, Porn Queen, Archie Lee Hooker).

The single "Wise Man" will be released publicly on YouTube this evening at 19:00.