Credit: MECO

On Thursday 13 July 2020, Luxembourg's Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot, visited the Automobility Campus in Bissen where he was received by the directors of the company IEE SA.

IEE was the first company to set up on the campus in Bissen and will soon be joined by young innovative companies with the upcoming construction of an incubator, entirely dedicated to startups active in the automotive and mobility fields. On a surface of fourteen hectares, the campus aims to support research and development activities and to consolidate and strengthen the competitiveness of the national sector of automotive subcontractors.

Founded in Luxembourg in 1989, IEE is a flagship of the Luxembourg industry, specialising in automotive security systems. Present on several sites across the Grand Duchy, the company moved its headquarters to Bissen while setting up its research centre for the entire group. The IEE Innovation Centre currently employs 220 people, mainly engineers, and employs some 660 employees in total in Luxembourg, with the IEE group employing a total of 3,500 people in nine countries. Within the Bissen-based IEE Innovation Centre, the group carries out major research projects such as that of its latest innovation: the VitaSense child presence detection sensor, which makes it possible to detect the presence of a child left unattended inside a car.

At the end of the visit, Economy Minister Franz Fayot commented: “True to its innovative spirit, IEE is truly a leader in its sector of activity. The Automobility Campus remains one of our flagship projects, representative of our industrial policy, resolutely oriented towards the future and focusing on sustainable and innovative technologies”.

Michel Witte, CEO and President of IEE, added: “We are very proud to be the first company to set up on campus with our research centre. With our current and future partners, we have a unique opportunity to develop a centre of excellence in terms of research and innovation for the future challenges of the automotive sector. The Automobility Campus aims to stimulate a spirit of open innovation through the development of an ecosystem combining private R&D with public research and initiatives targeting startups. This will not only have a positive impact on businesses but also for the local car supplier industry and for the Luxembourg economy as a whole”.