Luxembourg trade unions the CFGP, the LCGB and the OGBL have expressed their continued concern over the planned introduction of the CovidCheck system in the workplace.

According to the unions, many questions remain unanswered regarding the introduction of this system in the workplace from 1 November 2021 - despite the fact that the law passed in the Chamber of Deputies last week. The CFGP, the LCGB and the OGBL argued that the Luxembourg government preferred to "turn a deaf ear" to alternative solutions, such as maintaining free (uncertfied) rapid tests, and criticism. 

The unions noted that they had already seen a certain reluctance from companies and administrations over the uncertainties regarding the applicable legal situation.

Nevertheless, the unions welcomed the fact that many employers had expressed their readiness or had already started negotiations with staff delegations and workers' representatives regarding the introduction of the CovidCheck system. Others have reportedly opted for a partial application of the system.

Whilst the unions praised these "individual and voluntary social dialogue initiatives", they asked: "But why is the government unwilling to do the same?"

The unions stressed the importance of working with all parties to find workable solutions to safeguard the interests and livelihood of workers and civil servants. They recalled that individuals may be unvaccinated by choice but also for medical reasons. The latter also remain uncertain as to how their access to work will be regulated. "One thing is clear: many questions remain unanswered", stated the unions. 

The CGFP, the LCGB and the OGBL added that they are still determined to find solutions to protect the jobs and livelihoods of all employees in the Grand Duchy and, if necessary, to take legal action against the government.

They advised employees who are subjected to the CovidCheck system to contact their staff representative or trade union for full information on the situation, their rights and obligations, not to sign any documents sent to their home and contact the staff delegation in advance of any interview. Under no circumstances, should employees accept alternative options such as leave of absence or partial unemployment, warned the unions.

Finally, the CGFP, the LCGB and the OGBL pointed out that they have lost all trust in the political will to maintain a constructive social dialogue in this regard. 

In the coming days, the unions will discuss possible union and legal steps.