In its first working session, the newly elected commission for German cross-border commuters of Luxembourg trade union the LCGB addressed the issue of cross-border mobility. 

The commission noted that mobility represented an important factor in ensuring that Luxembourg remains attractive to workers from the German border area. It thus stressed that, in order for cross-border commuters to make greater use of public transport and to relieve traffic, a joint expansion of the Park & ​​Ride infrastructure, the road and motorway networks and the bus and train routes in the border region should be promoted. 

It is in this context that the commission has called for a joint solution for the extension of free public transport to incoming and outgoing border traffic. In addition free public transport to and from work and the expansion of infrastructures, the LCGB has requested the promotion of new work models such as teleworking by raising the tax tolerance threshold for teleworking German cross-border commuters from 19 to 56 days.