G-Core Labs, a Luxembourg-based international provider of cloud and edge solutions, has launched "Meet", a universal video call service for business based on WebRTC technology.

According to G-Core Labs, this new solution can be easily integrated into the customer's infrastructure and allows to organise video calls with clients without installing separate applications through any browsers and devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Meet also provides everyone with a opportunity to hold free and unlimited video conferences and webinars that can be launched in a few clicks.

The solution is suitable for any business that uses video calls for sales or support, as well as as a tool for office video meetings. Meet could be useful for online retailers, banks and insurance companies, real estate agencies, tour operators, car dealers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), allowing them to consult clients one-on-one.

Alexey Petrovskikh, head of media platforms at G-Core Labs, commented: "We position Meet as a universal tool for organising video calls and consultations, which can be easily integrated into any customer’s business infrastructure, whether it is a website or a mobile app, and allows to significantly improve the customer experience and increase sales. The solution is a kind of construction kit that allows you to configure the video call service to satisfy specific needs of a particular business. Meet can be provided as a SaaS service or installed on the client's servers, if required by a security department".

Meet can also be used in webinars and online education platforms with a large number of participants, medical centres and clinics for organising remote consultations of patients, etc. Indeed, Meet provides the opportunity to quickly organise completely free and unlimited video calls and meetings for fifteen participants, as well as webinars for 100 viewers. Video calls and meetings can be created in a format of private meeting rooms secured with a PIN code. Meet also has functions of sharing a screen in high resolution and interacting with participants via chat and there is no need to register to participate in a video call.

Meet development plans also include integration with Office365, Gmail, Bitrix, Salesforce, Telegram, Slack, as well as the organisation of video conferencing in social networks, recording of video broadcasts and adding an API to create new video rooms.

The service is available via the link https://meet.gcorelabs.com/.