Credit: G-Core Labs

G-Core Labs, a Luxembourg-based international provider of cloud and edge solutions, has announced its partnership with Graphcore to launch a new cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure as a service to businesses globally.

By integrating Graphcore's groundbreaking IPUs (Intelligence Processing Units), a completely new processor specifically designed for AI compute and processing Machine Learning, and twice as powerful as regular central processing units (CPUs), G-Core Labs has built an AI infrastructure as a service allowing businesses to easily scale their AI integration while saving on set-up and computing costs.

"Working together, Graphcore and G-Core Labs will make the power and flexibility of the IPU available to anyone who wants to take their AI computing to the next level, whether that's accelerating their current workloads or exploring the use of next-generation models that demand specialist systems designed for artificial intelligence", said Nigel Toon, co-founder and CEO of Graphcore.

This AI infrastructure as a service will be available for businesses of all sizes. Cloud services will mean teams can innovate faster, managing requirements like setup, technical infrastructure, storage and security. Customers will get software tools and integrations support, and will be facilitated by work involving machine learning and AI solutions including TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Hugging Face, Paddle and ONNX.

"We are immensely proud that G-Core Labs is the first European cloud service provider to partner with Graphcore to bring innovations to a rapidly-changing cloud market. Artificial Intelligence is evolving fast, and users are looking to trusted technology partners like G-Core Labs for powerful AI cloud services that are highly efficient, easily accessible, and highly flexible, to suit their changing needs", said Andre Reitenbach, CEO of G-Core Labs.

To promote close cooperation between countries and companies from various economic sectors, G-Core Labs has become a founding member of the new Luxembourg - United Kingdom business club in London, which will henceforth serve as the bridge between Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

"This partnership between Luxembourg-based cloud and edge solutions provider G-Core Labs and the UK IPU producer Graphcore in the context of the launch of the 'Business Club Luxembourg - United Kingdom' illustrates not only the vast opportunities that arise for trade and cooperation between the two countries but also confirms the importance of launching a bilateral Business Club in the British capital. Furthermore, it confirms Luxembourg's position as a leading data economy in the European Union. Here's to a successful BCLUK launch and to many partnerships to come!", said Christophe Brighi, Head of Economic and Commercial Affairs, Embassy of Luxembourg in London.

Further information on G-Core Labs and Graphcore partnership is available online via: