G-Core Labs, a Luxembourg-based international provider of cloud and edge solutions, has become a global content delivery network (CDN) provider for the GetCourse platform, one of the world's largest services for selling and conducting online trainings.

The CDN is aimed at allowing the platform to quickly deliver video content to users around the world.

"In Eastern Europe, approximately 70% of all online courses are sold on our platform. More than 9,000 authors conduct their classes here, they have uploaded approximately 700 Tb of videos and images to the platform in total," commented Sergey Mikhailov, co-owner and managing partner of GetCourse. "Every day, three million visitors come to the websites of schools running on our servers, and this audience can be located all over the world. We were faced with the challenge to quickly and efficiently deliver video to everyone where he is".

The management of GetCourse decided to solve the problem with the help of a CDN. The first experience showed that local providers cope satisfactorily with the delivery of content in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), but they are not able to provide users from other places, such as Japan, Australia, Europe or America, with an acceptable video viewing speed. There was also a problem with international solutions.

Sergey Mikhailov explained: "We took probably the most famous CDN in the world — Akamai — and tried to connect it. Everything was fine, but there was one problem: given the petabytes of traffic that we transmit monthly, the price for the services of the world leader turned out to be high. Then a happy event happened for us: we started working with G-Core Labs, which offered us one of its services — CDN".

The test of the CDN was implemented in record time: GetCourse programmers and G-Core Labs technical support specialists set up and fully prepared the CDN for operation in two days. The speed and quality of content delivery was first checked for 10% and soon 100% of the traffic.