Credit: ULPV

The Union Luxembourgeoise de Patinage de Vitesse (ULPV) reported on the results of both national skaters who participated to international competitions this autumn and announced upcoming competitions to take place this year, in which Luxembourgish skaters will take part.

Peter Murphy participated in the World Cup 2 which was once again held in Montreal, Canada. His results were:

  • 500m: 43.112 seconds; Overall ranking: 46th
  • 1000m: 1 minute, 27.876 seconds; Overall ranking: 51st

Last weekend, Sidoine Conesa competed in the StarClass-1 (CD-1) in Oberstdorf, Germany. About 160 women and men skaters in category C- and D-juniors were skating 1500m, 500m and 1000m (order of races). Sidoine Conesa qualified for this competition in Belfort earlier this season and made three personal bests. His results were:

  • 500m: 49.221 seconds (Personal Best); Overall ranking: 38th
  • 1000m: 1 minute, 41.849 seconds (Personal Best); Overall ranking: 37th
  • 1500m: 2 minutes, 38.765 seconds (Personal Best); Overall ranking: 39th

The youngest skaters competed in the Halloween Cup in Kockelscheuer, attempting to make new records, according to ULPV.

Upcoming competitions where Luxembourg skaters will be present are:

Beneluxcup 1 in Tilburg (the Netherlands) on Sunday 26 November 2023

Beneluxcup 2 in Hasselt (Belgium) on Saturday 2 December 2023

Beneluxcup 3 in Luxembourg (Luxembourg) on Sunday 17 December 2023

Further details are available on the website: