(L-R) Tobias Degünther and Leonard Kossmann, co-founders of Fundvis; Credit: Fundvis SA

Chronicle.lu recently had the opportunity to speak with Fundvis SA co-founders Tobias Degünther and Leonard Kossmann to learn about this Luxembourg-based FundTech platform.

Incorporated in May 2022 and hosted at the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT), Fundvis offers a low-code workflow management tool connecting the relevant parties for the establishment and life-cycle management of an investment fund.

Earlier this month, Fundvis won the European FinTech Pitch Battle at the Digital Finance Summit 2022, held in Brussels, Belgium.

Chronicle.lu: What is your company's business area / main focus?

Tobias Degünther & Leonard Kossmann: Fundvis offers a SaaS [software as a service] platform where all stakeholders of the fund industry can set up and manage funds via digitalised processes. 

Chronicle.lu: How did this opportunity present itself? Is it (partly) due to the changing regulatory landscape?

Tobias Degünther & Leonard Kossmann: The fund industry still operates in a pre-digitised area. But the digital transformation within the industry allows companies to lift potentials and raise productivity. The use of Fundvis enables our clients to perform, monitor and manage recurring tasks in all areas of fund set up and lifecycle management in an efficient and process-based manner. All this against the backdrop of increasingly complex regulatory requirements, which make it essential to (digitally) document and preserve decisions.

Chronicle.lu: What makes your company and product special or unique?

Tobias Degünther & Leonard Kossmann: Fundvis is the one platform to connect the entire fund industry. We enable all stakeholders of fund management to coordinate, communicate, cooperate on their daily operations with full control over their business data. Our interoperable approach enables the onboarding of our clients third party applications to our platform for the best possible business experience.

Chronicle.lu: Please describe your company's business model.

Tobias Degünther & Leonard Kossmann: Our SaaS-based business model enables our clients to hand over the technical responsibility for their digital work environment to us. We license our cloud-based software to our customers via a subscription. To ensure the smooth digital transformation do we offer as well dedicated IT consulting to secure the full interoperability of all applications within our clients technical environment.

Chronicle.lu: What are you currently focusing on?

Tobias Degünther & Leonard Kossmann: In this first extremely dynamic phase of the company's development, we focus primarily on setting the course for sustainable company development, in addition to product and business development.

Chronicle.lu: Are you financing the startup yourselves, or have you attracted / are you trying to attract investors?

Tobias Degünther & Leonard Kossmann: We took the decision to bootstrap the first phase of our development and invested our savings into Fundvis to fund the first stage of software development and the growth of our team. We plan to raise a pre-seed funding which will be necessary to transform Fundvis from a startup into a fast growing scaleup.

Chronicle.lu: In what way(s) do you think Luxembourg is the right place to fulfil your business goals?

Tobias Degünther & Leonard Kossmann: With our focus on the fund industry, Luxembourg is the perfect location to start our business journey. The fund industry is the heart of the local financial industry and there exist great connections between the fintech and financial community. Organisations like LHoFT or Luxinnovation are real business enablers and support young and innovative companies on their journey and offer access to the right networks and partners.